Home Mantenance Service Plan

Preventative Home Maintenance

You change the oil in your car, rotate the tires, and conduct routine maintenance at all the suggested intervals.  Why aren't you respecting your home in the same way?

Let RiteWay Home Services execute all of the preventative maintenance your home needs on a quarterly basis.

An Ounce of Prevention...

At RiteWay, our aim is to consistently review your home's trigger points so we can identify small problems and address them before they become big problems.  This helps keep the overall cost of managing your home down, while keeping the value of your home UP!

RiteWay Service Plan

Our service guarantee means that we're only as good as our last service visit.  100% guaranteed!

Piece of Mind

Imagine how great it would be to have a friend who is intimately knowledgable about your home and all of it's major components that you can call on any time you have a question or concern.  That's what it is like to be a RiteWay Premier Customer.  We're your best friend who happens to be extremely skilled and loves to talk with you about your home and helping it last you a lifetime!

Additional Benefits

RiteWay's Premier Customers enjoy a 10% discount on any work done on their property managed by RiteWay.  Our knowledgeable staff will get you the best value every time! 

Cost Effective Solution

You know you could do it yourself, but you aren't now, and you won't.  Call RiteWay, let us help you manage your biggest investment so you can enjoy it for a lifetime!